Squishy tires.

Saturday, January 2

We had to be in Greensboro for a 1pm appointment. Could not travel with the squishy tires, so first thing, Bruce went to a nearby Walmart.

He’d been to Walmart in Mount Airy for an oil change, so he was a familiar face. Apparently, the Oneonta guy who’d installed the metal valve stems, hadn’t properly tightened the inside nuts, so they were loose and not sealing: a dangerous thing when hauling a trailer on high-speed highways. The good news was that the man at Walmart remembered Bruce, fixed the problem, and didn’t charge anything! An Angel of Mercy! See what I mean about the LoCJ and the AoM?

We got hooked up and out of the campground in time to make our 1pm appointment in Greensboro, NC at Replacements, Ltd.. They’re a huge operation that buys and sells china, glassware, silver, and other items via their showroom and the web.

We sold three boxes of dishes we no longer needed, for an acceptable price, and the bonus of more room in the back of the truck. Afterward, we camped at a KOA wannabe camp for the night. Definitely not KOA level yet, and neither was our pull-through (level), but in the interest of exhaustion and an early start Sunday, we left the ePod hooked up to the truck. We simply lived with the sloping floor for one night

ocean_lakes (1 of 32)

In order to stay at the table, however, I had to rig some bunjees to the chair so it wouldn’t keep rolling backward! Silly, annoying, and I could hear the LoCJ laughing up their sleeves. Fortunately the bed had our heads higher than our feet, so we slept well, but it was a frosty night!


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