The beach at last.

Tuesday, January 5

It was freezing here again last night, but our heated water hose kept the ice away, and the sunlight on the ocean at least looked warm from inside the ePod. Sprocket was as enchanted by the beach as ever, but it was quite windy so his outings weren’t long.

sc_ocean lakes (52 of 83)

sc_ocean lakes (45 of 83)

It felt good to be in one place for a few days, so things put away didn’t need to have ‘load-shift’ caution with every placement. We’re slowly paring down the extra stuff that had to be constantly moved around. Our family escutcheon should be that funny little square puzzle with numbers that slide vertically and horizontally, with only one open space for rearranging them. It’s been that way in our little Airstream home.

We began to finally, gently mellow in the ePod: just the warmth of the sunlight through our many windows and skylights, with all heat turned off. Both computers were working at the moment and Sprocket was sleeping off his romp. This was the ‘way’ to which we refer.

Later, we went out for a screw-top container for the kefir, and whatever else seemed essential. Alas, no white sage for ‘smudging’ to propitiate the LoCJ, or Loki the Trickster, as the Native People call them.

sc_ocean lakes (24 of 83)


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