The New Year begins.

The following several posts deal with the Vicissitudes of The Lords of Cosmic Je­­­­st and the Angels of Mercy (hereinafter referred to as the LoCJ and the AoM)!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Started the year right! New Year’s Eve was quiet in the campground; early to bed and no hangover!

Then, New Years Day and one of Bruce’s many crowns came off while brushing–a molar for the second time (reglued by his dentist in October). (to quote Dorothy Parker, ‘What fresh hell is this!’) There was no pain, so rather than scramble for a dentist in Mount Airy on New Year’s day, he decided to wait until we hit Myrtle Beach. Turned out to be a good choice.

This wasn’t the last the Lords of Cosmic Jest had in store for him that first day of the year. Before leaving home, Bruce prudently had the leaky rubber valve stems in the truck’s tires replaced with metal ones. Now, a new not-so-slow leak in the rear tires had developed: an unexpected problem that would have to be solved ASAP.

But meanwhile, another problem was solved…

Cold weather is problematic for an Airstream. Our living moisture accumulates and the cold aluminum walls condense it, creating an ideal environment for mold. Moist corners were getting worse, and for a Lymie: for anyone really, this was an unhealthy prospect. We’d tried calcium chloride moisture traps, but the air smelled like a dry-cleaner’s and Léna’s eye issues were aggravated.


We’d stayed in the Mayberry Campground long enough for Amazon to send us two marvelous little dehumidifiers (Ivation) that arrived Thursday and they began remedying the situation immediately. Lovely: that UPS delivered on time and that the units lived up to their reviews. Angels of Mercy!

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