To Myrtle Beach and the beach!

Sunday, January 3

Getting to Myrtle Beach was a bit more rigorous than we’d planned: good roads at first, but heavy traffic. Garmina was sometimes misleading, or misled by highway construction changes, and the combination of her quirks and eventual potholes, as well as the ka-thunk, ka-thunk of poorer paving, was tiring.­­­

We knew when we crossed into South Carolina.

sc_ocean lakes (2 of 83)

When we pulled into Ocean Lakes Campground in Myrtle Beach, we got a lovely level site under the live oaks, from which we can see the ocean horizon.sc_ocean lakes (4 of 83)

While Bruce was disconnecting the truck and hooking up water, electric, and sewer, I made the nasty discovery that my space-saving rectangular glass bottle, holding 1.5 quarts of kefir, had tipped over and filled the lower half of the fridge with a coating of thick, white kefir! The combination of those potholes and my neglecting to inflate an air pillow in the fridge to keep everything rigid, had done its worst. An hour and a half, a half a roll of Bounty towels, and a large bath towel later, order was restored. Then supper and a good night’s sleep.


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