The Shining Moment

Friday, January 22, Saturday, January 23

Oh, the weathercasters were in their element: ecstatic with the interest, the attention, their subject had suddenly drawn from the public. Their enthusiasm bordered on glee, bless them–Jonas was on the way!

Right after the accounts of what airports were closed, they hastened to tell the important news of which teams had made it to their weekend destinations for whatever big games were scheduled. Manifestations of a Northern-style winter storm here are a big deal. We were glad to get back from grocery shopping, as a few miles north of the Food Lion the roads were said to be icing. We just didn’t want to encounter Southerners slip-slidin’ away.

We came home to a cozy atmosphere in the ePod, cooking a big chicken in the pressure cooker and watching the excited meteorologists’ predictions of bizarre amounts of snow to the North where, just a few weeks back, we’d been camping!

So, despite the below-freezing night, cutting winds shaking the live oaks, and even a few snow-flakes, (too few and fleeting to photograph) we were able to reassure our worried loved ones that we were safe.

Bruce’s extraction sites are slightly achy, but healing well. Léna’s and Sprocket’s joints are feeling the barometric pressure drop, and it’s hard to keep temps steady in the ePod, alternating from full-blast furnace to the cool-down when it rests. A few minutes ago, the sun had a moment and we marveled at actual cast shadows.

It seemed like a good day to catch up on laundry and then return to our dear little nest for a chicken dinner. Now we can video-watch people touring in the Central Park ‘snow-globe’, a panda luxuriating in fresh snow, and generally, feel the enthusiasm of other people surviving winter’s ‘gifts’.


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