About Us

Our home base is in rural upstate New York near Cooperstown. Our goal, over the next few months, is to reach the left coast to visit our family and two grand-children in California. While on the road we’ll be updating this blog and responding to comments and e-mails as frequently as possible given the constraints of internet access on the road.

We’re traveling in a 2005, 28′ Airstream International CCD pulled by a GMC Sierra Dramax diesel. We call our Airstream the ‘ePod’ (‘e’ for escape).

Questions, travel suggestions, and places to see or camp along the way are always welcome!

Feel free to comment on our blog entries, or if you would like to e-mail us directly:



Before you send the e-mail, remove “no-spam” from the addresses. We’re attempting to keep the web crawlers from spamming us more than they already have.


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